AASLA Writing Workshops

The Another Level Academy Writing Workshop’s:

  • Provide age-appropriate literature that aligns with common core standards. This includes poetry, articles, academic readings, which help students analyze text critically.
  • Mainly focus on boosting student writing and critical text analysis to the necessary levels to produce advanced program college-ready writing samples.
  • Support students with weekly writing workshops to creatively learn proper writing and sentence-level mechanics.
  • Co-plan and articulate with site champions to solicit feedback, develop understanding and foster mentorship.
  • Provide exemplar examples of student writing and support calibration of scoring rubric so that clarity for students and site champions will encourage greater participation.
  • Facilitate Cycle of Review for continuous improvement to make changes, celebrate successes and continue to foster student engagement and participation.

In session 1 we worked with approximately 30 8th grade students from Sequoia, Tehipite, Kings Canyon, and Terronez. These high school bound youth learned the power of their voice, narrative, and planning. Each student was able to choose between a personal narrative/goal statement or a pre-college admission essay.

The students wrote with feedback for 5 weeks and did editing and revision for 1 week. At the end, the students were rewarded with a small scholarship and a certificate of completion.

This winter we will be hosting a winter retreat for the students from session 1 and session 2 for further writing exploration, collaboration, and a structured reset moving into the spring semester.

Upcoming AASLA Schedule