About Us

At ALTA Fresno, our dedication lies in advancing the Fresno community. As a community-based advocacy program, we are committed to preserving the rich cultural heritage of Fresno while also championing social justice, reducing recidivism, and advocating for racial justice, gender equity, and mental health.

We believe in empowering individuals through mentorship, workshops, and support services that foster personal and professional growth. Our dedicated staff provides preventative and mitigation services to those at higher risk due to trauma, systemic oppression, and poverty.

Central to our approach is the recognition of the significant role that cultural arts and traditions play in community well-being. Through storytelling, artistic expression, and community engagement, we confront social injustices, challenge stereotypes, and inspire change. By celebrating diverse cultural expressions and preserving traditions, we strengthen community bonds and empower individuals to embrace their heritage.

In addressing recidivism, we provide holistic support that integrates cultural practices into reentry programs, offering pathways for healing and rehabilitation beyond incarceration. Additionally, our commitment to advancing racial justice is woven into the fabric of our work, as we elevate the voices of marginalized communities and mobilize collective action for change.

Together, we strive to build inclusive, equitable communities where everyone can thrive, regardless of race, background, or circumstance. Join us as we continue to harness the power of creativity, heritage, and collective action to create lasting impact in Fresno and beyond.

Our Team

LaCandis Judge

Resident Engagement Specialist

Nia Marie Hodge

Executive Director/Founder

Huldah Dauid

Chief Program Officer

Our Board

Sloane Golden

Board Member

Marsha Jones

Board Member

Emma Williams

Board Member


How can I learn more about your programs?

You can find out more about our programs by visiting our programs page and blog page. You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

What are your requirements?

ALTA is non-profit that serves the Webster Community.


How much does your programs cost?

We do not charge for the resources and programs we provide for our community.

Do you have volunteer opportunities?

Yes, we always have volunteer opportunities. Please fill out our contact form to get involved.