About Us

ALTA Fresno is a community-based advocacy program dedicated to promoting social justice, reducing recidivism, and advocating for racial justice, gender equity, and mental health. Our organization provides mentorship, workshops, support, and accountability through soft skill training, vocational and educational services, goal tracking, and specialized accountability programs. Our staff is certified in ACES and offers preventative and mitigation services to individuals at higher risk for adverse developmental outcomes due to trauma, systematic oppression and poverty. Our mission is to empower communities to increase their social capital by partnering with stakeholders and helping them obtain tangible assets to achieve communal and self-actualization.

Our Team

Nia Marie Hodge

Executive Director/Founder

Huldah Dauid

Chief Innovation Officer

Our Board

Sloane Golden

Board Member

Marsha Jones

Board Member

Emma Williams

Board Member


How can I learn more about your programs?

You can find out more about our programs by visiting our programs page and blog page. You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

What are your requirements?

ALTA is non-profit that serves the Webster Community.


How much does your programs cost?

We do not charge for the resources and programs we provide for our community.

Do you have volunteer opportunities?

Yes, we always have volunteer opportunities. Please fill out our contact form to get involved.