Full Bio

Huldah Dauid


Huldah Dauid is a renowned Biblical Hebrew educator, linguist, and cultural historian. She is the founder of All Things Royal Roots and Royal Roots Academy. Huldah believes that All Things attached to who we are, as ambassadors of the Kingdom on this earth, can affect All Things at the root level and actualize change.


She has authored over seven books of poetry, biblical studies, and history. Huldah recently created The Light Collective, a collective of others doing the work necessary to affect mental health, healing, and wholeness. She believes being whole is being well physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 


Huldah has a Masters of Art in Education and has traveled the world to learn, experience, and uncover the truths of the diaspora and the impact it has had on our cultural understanding. Huldah is currently working on her Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Fresno State. Huldah’s favorite pastimes include reading, writing, traveling, and sharing quality time with her daughters.