We offer a wide variety of programs and workshops for individuals looking to take their lives to the next level.

Below is a list of programs that we currently offer. If you are interested in getting involved or attending one our events or workshops please get in touch with us today.

Who We Are

We are sharing 26 years of life skills and journeys. Developing every aspect of the person. Mind, body, soul, using the gifts they possess

As an organization, we are sharing twenty-six years of skills and life journey’s. Our focus is in developing all aspects of a person. This encompasses the mind, body, and soul, utilizing the gifts and talents each person possesses. We help unlock these aspects to facilitate the growth potential of the gifts each person has.

BIPOC Women Health

BIPOC women’s health and wellness. It deals with all people but focuses on the inequity that happens to infants & children within disparate communities, teaching advocacy and amplifying voices and stories.

Although our focus is on all people, we specifically focus on the inequity experienced by black women regarding children and infants. We are advocates for the health and wellness of BIPOC women. There is power in teaching them advocacy and how to tell their story.

Job Readiness

Job readiness & building business owners. Teach social skills, character control, how to show up..

We provide training that prepares individuals for entrepreneurship. This creates jobs for our local economy to help our disinvested communities. It allows individuals to be successful in employment and business ownership. We teach individuals the necessary social skills to be successful in their employment endeavors. In addition, we target character discipline and the expectations of employment (how to show up).

Youth & Community Environmental Justice

Communication workshops, caring for climate. Organizing the voice and power of youth.

ALTA works with youth and community organizations to produce a positive outcome for environmental justice. Through communication workshops, caring for and acting on climate issues, and organizing their voice to produce power, the youth learn environmental sustainability.

Healing Workshops

Healing workshops: Telling our story, Writing workshops, Video expression of stories.

We host healing workshops designed to tell stories of the disinvested through writing and video expression. This proves to be therapeutic in working through trauma. It is a segway to creating writers, bloggers, and speakers/story tellers.

Facilitating Healthy Lifestyles

Facilitating healthy lifestyles = cooking demo

We facilitate healthy lifestyles through food choice. We provide cooking demonstrations to teach people new recipes and how to use healthy options they may not be familiar with. They also learn to grow their own food based on season and adapt the farm to fork philosophy. We grow and harvest local organic produce at multiple locations. After the food is prepared, we promote writing and exchanging recipes to diversify the opportunity for others to experience food options they are unfamiliar with. This also encourages multicultural engagement through culinary arts.

Asset Based Community Development

Building the community using the gifts within the community. Teaching advocacy educating based on ability and skills inside of the person (holistic). Growing & preparing food, writing and exchanging recipes.

The Asset Based Community approach to rebuilding communities identifies the strengths and gifts from within the community to improve the neighborhood. We teach advocacy educating based on the ability and skills inside each person holistically. This rebuilds and promotes ownership from the people inside each disinvested community.