Nia Marie Hodge 

Entrepreneur, Life Facilitator, Executive Director, Community Advocate

Nia Marie is a champion for BIPOC women. Nia facilitates by helping young women discover their purpose and beauty in adversity. Nia helps equip women with the practical tools to navigate through challenging seasons in their lives by using universal, functional, and spiritual principles to apply to their lives.

Nia has been a business owner for over 26 years embellishing beauties with her gift as a cosmetologist, apprenticeship trainer, mentor, and business coach. Nia has experienced many blessings standing behind the chair in her salon, and now she takes the time to stand before you and share truths she discovered from experience.

Nia Marie, a teenage mother and a single mother of 5 children, turned entrepreneur and advocate. Nia’s heart to serve is a passed down family legacy; she recalls hearing her elders always telling the family to love each other, check on each other and take care of each other. As a child, that resonated deeply with her because she not only heard it but watched unconditional love and service within her family. As a result, Nia understands the importance of mentorship and investing time and love in others. As a Teen Mother in Highschool, Nia was a speaker and advocate for teen mothers to graduate from high school and deter through the Teen Pregnancy Resource Center initiative. Nia’s passion for people and belief that anyone can succeed if given the tools is why she started a Non-Profit to equip, engage, and empower others. Her passion for giving back and helping women and whole communities turn their grief, loss, and injustices into empathy and triumph has led her to operate in multiple capacities. 

Another level Training Academy is a community-based organization that connects communities in need with resources to help families move from survival mode to thriving. CVCF and JIF recently funded another Level Training Academy to serve as Hub Leader for DRIVE implementation in the Webster/Martin Park neighborhood.

The Hive Asthma Awareness Foundation Educates Communities of color about asthma and the resources available to help them live with and manage the disease.

#Keepin it Royal ls a lifestyle. In addition, a 12-week course module teaches young women and men how to show up and be the best representation of themselves while dispelling narratives that others have adopted about people of color. 


Inside Out Community Garden. Inside out Community Garden is a collaborative project made possible by California Climate Investment funds and the Strategic Growth Council. Inside Out Community Garden is located at Sunset Community center in Southwest Fresno.

She is the Author of:

Food for Life “Healthy Recipes with a Soulful Twist.”

 Beauty from Brokenness “Lessons Learned in The Storm.

“Blog “Keepin it Royal” WordPress. 


She is a sought-after speaker for her signature talk, “Where you come from does not define you!” 


Nia believes “no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”