Full Bio

Esmeralda Garcia

Esmeralda Garcia is a first-generation college student attending California State University, Fresno. She is currently working hard to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Chicano Latin Studies. Esmeralda is fluent in English and Spanish, an asset as the Community Engagement Specialist here at ALTA Fresno. She is also working at Webster Elementary School, helping students falling behind due to a language barrier. 


Esmeralda has been involved with Fresno State’s Peach Blossom Festival. The Peach Blossom Festival introduces elementary school students all around the Central Valley to oral interpretations of poetry and literature and then are allowed to present these poems in front of an audience that includes Fresno State students and family. She was involved by giving presentations in Fresno state classes and recruiting volunteers. Not only that, but she worked in the Peach blossom office and was also a chaperon on the days of the festivals. 


During High School, Esmeralda volunteered with Tehipite Middle School’s after-school program helping with homework and various other activities. As a volunteer, she also helped with campus beautifications and helped build a garden for the school. 


Esmeralda’s accomplishments consist of scholarships and medals for her hard work and determination. Some of Esmeralda’s accolades include: 

The Reyes Scholarship 

The Steve Scholar Scholarship

The Biliteracy Medal 

The Fresno Unified AP Scholar Medal


Esmeralda’s hobbies include reading books, learning guitar, and watching anime. She plays Lacrosse, Softball, and Cross Country. She hopes to travel the world and learn of various cultures and traditions one day.