Fellowship with Friends

On October 19, 2022, our team attended CVCF’s Friends of the Foundation event. As a community HUB, we service the Webster community, harnessing the social capital of youth, young adults, and disparate communities.
The Friends of the Foundation event was a reminder of the work that we have done over the years. We broke bread with our neighbors and community, discussing the various pieces of the puzzle being put together to create healthy, whole, and thriving communities. People from different backgrounds and professions came together with the oneness of mind to make Fresno a great place to live and grow.


With Fulton Street blocked off and murals depicting each HUB of the DRIVE initiative, we experienced the soul of the community. CVCF presented a video that shared the voices of the individuals that have worked tirelessly to bring the best to their community. Our entire team here at ALTA Fresno left feeling refreshed and inspired. Our focus has been and will continue to be to create community-based and focused advocacy programs that provides mentorship, support, and accountability to the community.

When events like the CVCF Friends of the Foundation take place, there is an opportunity to network and get to know many other organizations doing positive work throughout Fresno. The energy shared that Wednesday evening under the stars and with our co-laborers was infectious. It reminded us that the work is for a great cause. New ideas were shared to build off of the foundations that have been laid by each DRIVE initiative HUB.